Types of Texas Hold'em Games You Can Play Online

Various formats of Texas Hold'em are played online. Based on betting limits, these variants are of four types - No Limit, Limit, Spread Limit and Pot Limit. No Limit Hold'em and Limit Hold'em are the most widely played. Here is a brief overview of the different types of Texas Hold'em games played online.

Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em

Fixed limit Hold'em games come with a structured betting limit for every round. In these types of games there is a set limit on the minimum and the maximum amount that can be wagered. Based on the limit at which a gamer plays, he has to bet in its multiples. The blind amount is determined by the game limit.

For example, if the betting limit of a game is $4 in the initial 2 rounds, the big blind will also be $4. During the pre-flop and flop, players should ideally bet or raise in multiples of $4. After the flop round, betting limits increase to $8.

Spread Limit Texas Hold'em

A spread limit game is one which does not come with a fixed betting limit. Players can wager any amount within a set range. Spread limit games are quite similar to fixed limit Hold'em. The only difference is that unlike fixed limit, in spread limit, players can bet an amount within a range such as $2 to $10. The lowest amount is wagered by the big blind.

No Limit Texas Hold'em

In no limit Texas Hold'em, players are allowed to wager any amount at any time. No fixed betting limit is set in these games. The game format is quite popular in Texas Hold'em tournaments. Most Texas Hold'em games offered by online poker rooms these days are of the no limit format.

Sometimes, you may find a fixed betting structure in no limit games. Generally, the big blind and the small blind amount are set by poker sites. For example, in a $5/10 no limit Hold'em game, the big blind amount is $10 and the small blind is $5.

In no limit Hold'em, since the pot dictates the amount that you can wager, bets are placed in terms of a percentage of the bet amount. With an increase in the pot amount, bet sizes also increase. In no limit Hold'em you are allowed to bet small amounts.

No limit games have a significant benefit over other variants of Texas Hold'em. In these games players can move all-in. This allows players to wager more than the amount in the pot. Pot odds can be eliminated entirely by players. When a player moves all-in, he cannot be bluffed. Under such circumstances, he can eliminate all sorts of positional advantages. It also encourages other players to make a decision based solely on the strength of their hand. When a player moves all-in, the one with the best hand on the river wins.

Pot Limit Texas Hold'em

The format of pot limit Hold'em games is quite similar to no limit Hold'em. There is no fixed betting amount. However, there is one betting rule. Gamers cannot place a bet which exceeds the pot amount. For example, in case the pot amount is $300, you are not allowed to wager more than $300. In most cases, prior to the flop, the little
blind is treated in the same way as the big blind.

Pot limit Texas Hold'em is based on the odds of the pot more than in no limit. Hence, pot control plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a pot limit game. In these games, a small bet amount affects the pot size significantly. For example, in case you are playing a heads up tournament, you have 2 options - to check or bet. In case you check, your opponent gets a chance to bet up to a certain amount. This gives you 2-1 odds. However, if you place a small bet, it gives your opponent the chance to significantly increase the amount that goes into the pot.