Types of Texas Hold'em Welcome Bonuses

If you play Texas Hold'em online with real money, you will get access to various welcome bonus offers. These offers provide players with great opportunities to increase their bankroll, at the onset of their poker playing journey. The type of welcome bonuses varies from one site to another.

Top notch poker sites run attractive welcome bonus programs to attract players. Here is a brief overview of the type of welcome bonuses offered by real money Texas Hold'em sites.

Match Bonus

Match bonus is the most common type of welcome bonus made available by Texas Hold'em sites. In a match bonus scheme, the bonus amount depends on your deposit. Poker rooms typically match the amount you deposit by a certain percentage. Many poker rooms offer 100% match bonus to new depositors up to a certain amount. This means that every dollar you deposit (within the limit), earns you another for free. For example, if you make a deposit of $100, the poker room adds another $100 to your account as bonus. So, you have a total of $200 to wager on various games that the site offers. The maximum amount provided by a bonus offer, is generally specified by sites.

Some poker sites offer bigger match bonuses than 100% to new depositors. Upto 500% match bonus is offered by a few poker rooms. Texas Hold'em sites generally specify the minimum amount to be deposited to avail a match bonus offer.

Staggering Cash Match

Staggering cash match bonus works similar to a regular100% match bonus. The bonus amount increases when you make a bigger deposit. However, there is one major difference between a match bonus and a staggering match bonus. For the latter, your deposit amount is matched over a period of time unlike a match bonus. For example, if you make the first deposit of $50, you get a $50 bonus. So, the total amount in your account becomes $100. When you make a second deposit of $100, again a match bonus of $100 is offered. So, you have total $200 in your account.

Some Texas Hold'em sites offer staggered cash match bonus in a way so that you are encouraged to deposit more each time. There are poker rooms which offer 50% bonus on your first deposit, 75% on your second deposit, 100% on your third deposit and 200% on the fourth deposit. To avail the exclusive bonus offers, you are encouraged to make multiple deposits.

Free Play Bonuses

Certain bonuses run by online poker rooms are not contingent on the amount deposited by players. Poker sites provide you with free credits to wager on your favorite Texas Hold'em games. You are given a time limit to wager the free credits. Although, the bonus you receive is not dependent on a deposit, some poker sites generally specify a minimum amount which you have to deposit to avail the offer.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus programs are extremely popular among poker enthusiasts as these don't require you to make a deposit. Through no deposit bonus offers, a poker room credits certain amount of free cash to your account when you sign up with it. This cash can be used for wagering on various games that the site offers. This gives you a chance to try your hand at various games without spending money from your own pocket. Although you don't wager with your own money, the wins made on real money Texas Hold'em are credited to your account. However, in most cases you are not allowed to withdraw the bonus. It can be used for wagering on your favorite Texas Hold'em variants offered by the site.

Wagering Requirements

Most bonus offers come with a set of wagering requirements or play-through requirements set by sites. Prior to making a withdrawal, you have to meet the criteria. Most online poker rooms require you to wager with the deposit and bonus cash a certain number of times on games before they permit withdrawals. Wagering on any game may not contribute towards the play-through requirements. Check the terms and conditions associated with bonus offers to find out about games featuring in a bonus program.