Top Reasons to Join a VIP Program at a Texas Hold'em Site

Most Texas Hold’em sites offer VIP programs, which are systems through which they reward their players. These programs provide players with a wide range of benefits. The more a player wagers on Texas Hold’em games offered by a site, the better are the rewards. Some sites have special offers for players who wager beyond a specific limit.

The type of VIP programs run by poker rooms is one of the key factors which players consider when selecting a site. This is because, VIP programs offer ample scope to players to enlarge their bankroll and avail various other benefits. Here are the key benefits of VIP programs run by poker sites.

Get Assured Benefits through VIP Tier System

Reputed poker sites run their VIP programs according to a tiered format. The number of tiers varies from one site to another. Rewards are offered to players based on the VIP tier he reaches. For example, if a particular poker site has 5 levels in the VIP program, new players are enrolled into the first tier. The more a player wagers, the better are his chances of moving up the tiers. Exclusive benefits can be availed by players at the top VIP tier.

Comp points are awarded through a few VIP programs to players based on their performance. Depending on the number of points accumulated, players are offered additional benefits.

One of the best aspects about most VIP programs is that you will get entry into them if you meet a few criteria. The most common requirement is that you should place real money wagers on games offered by a site.

Get Bonus Rewards through VIP Scheme

VIP members of a poker site are offered special cash rewards. These are over and above the regular rewards given through promotions run by a site. Based on a site's policy, the extra cash can either be withdrawn or used for wagering on various games offered by the poker room. Certain sites require players to meet wagering criteria before a withdrawal request can be made. So the bonus should be wagered a certain number of times on poker games before making payout requests.

Excellent Merchandize at VIP Store

Top notch poker sites run exclusive merchandize stores for their VIP members. Based on the VIP level a player achieves, he is rewarded with attractive prizes from the VIP store. Some of the prizes poker sites offer are flat screen TV, music systems and free entries to big tournaments. The prizes can be won in exchange of comp points collected by players. When playing at a poker site, check the items offered by its VIP store. Select an item that can be bought by redeeming the comp points you have collected.

VIP Program for High Rollers

High rollers of a site are those who wager big sums of cash on Texas Hold’em games on a regular basis. To ensure that they earn well through VIP programs and other promotions, poker rooms offer special rewards. If you want to wager big in poker games, look for a site that offers good benefits to its VIP high rollers.

Rake Rebate in VIP Program

Offering rake rebates is another way of rewarding the VIP members of a poker site. High rollers contribute a lot to rake. This makes these players a big asset to a poker room. To retain these players, benefits like rake rebates are offered. High-rollers are generally drawn to games on which a rake rebate is offered.

Get Cash Back through VIP Program

A cash back scheme is another scheme run under VIP programs. The schemes generally drive a large number of high rollers to poker rooms. A cash back promotion works by paying back players a certain amount of their deposit. Such offers are extremely useful for players who have not been able to make much money in a particular game despite having the best hand.

When selecting an online poker room, don’t consider only the VIP benefits that you can avail. Several other factors should also be taken into consideration. It is best to sign up with a Texas Hold’em site that holds a good reputation. Such sites are likely to make timely payouts on the games you win.