Texas Holdem Poker Books

While most poker players will tell you that the only way to master the game of poker is to practice. No matter which variation you enjoy playing, they say the only way to get better at this is to get plenty of playing experience. However there are a lot of valuable hints and tips can be acquired by reading one of the many great Texas Hold'em books that are available. There's such a huge variety of poker books available it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what the best books to read are. We've listed below some book titles that are some of the best Texas Hold'em books available, to make it easier for you to know which books are the best to start with.

Harrington on Hold 'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments - Dan Harrington knows poker inside and out. There are two books in this series, in which he shares much of his valuable knowledge on this subject matter in an easy to understand manner. He won the 1995 World Champion of Poker, and has written these books to walk players through success at every level and Texas Hold'em tournament type. Harrington on Holdem was written by Dan Harrington, and is published by Two Plus Two Publishing and is available both in print and in ebook form.

Caro's Book of Poker Tells: The Psychology and Body Language of Poker - Here we have a brilliant book which will alert you to the many little ways in which poker players can often give away just how good, or bad the hand they are holding is. One of the biggest things players new to the poker tables needs to master is reading tells and body language, and this book not only details what to look for, but also features over 170 photos to help players learn the nuances the book teaches. Caro's Book of Tells was written by Mike Caro and is published by Cardoza Publishing. It is available both in print and ebook form.

The Theory of Poker - Quite an in-depth book covering the theory of poker, and a valuable book to read when you are in the early stages of trying to master the game. This book very much is a strong base for all poker learning. This is a great beginner book that helps players develop all the skills and knowledge necessary to excel. The Theory of Poker was written by David Sklansky, and is published by Two Plus Two. It is available in print and ebook format.

The Mathematics of Poker - One book which will appeal to all you maths heads out there is the book written by Bill Chen, you will not find a more informative book covering the entire mathematics of the game. While the mathematic side of a good poker strategy may feel out of reach, especially to players who are not confident in mathematics, this book is written in simple and clear to understand language which makes it accessible to every level of player. This book is published by ConJelCo and is available in only in print format.

Doyle Brunson's Super System - While this system may not be to everyone's taste this is a great book to read when you are searching out new and unique ways of playing poker in a systematic playing structure. Doyle Brunson's Super System was written by Doyle Brunson, who is a two time world champion and Hall of fame player. The publisher is Cardoza Publishing, and this book is available in print format only.

The Little Black Book Of Poker - Always worth a read is John Hartley's book. While it may have a flippant title that gives the impression it is not a valuable book, it is full of facts and figures surrounding the game of poker. This book covers all the basics of poker from history, rules, bluffing, and even tips to hosting a successful poker night with your buddies. The Little Black Book Of Poker was written by John Hartley and is published by Peter Pauper Press. This book is available in a small spiral bound format.

Texas Hold'em Poker - One of the most comprehensive books cover the game of Texas Hold'em Poker which both novice and expert players may just find helpful and informative. While many Poker books will focus on the nuances of playing at your local casino with chapters dedicated to body language and watching for tells, this book focuses on how to become a successful online poker player. Information and advice regarding keeping yourself in the black over the long term, avoiding the tilt, and avoiding other costly mistakes that new players to online poker may miss. Texas Hold'em Poker was written by Paul Mendelson, and is published by Elliot Right Way Books and is only available in print.

Sit 'N Go Strategy - A must read book for any poker player, this book gives you deep insight into playing in Sit and Go Tournaments. This is not a book for beginner players, but it is absolutely required for players who want a boost for their strategy. There is detailed strategies and tips, as well as a variety of strategies that are guaranteed to help players better their game. It is divided into sections with different stake levels, with comprehensive guides for low, medium and high blind play. For the career player there's also information to help them succeed over the long term. Sit 'N Go Strategy was written by Collin Moshman, and is published by Two Plus Two Publishing. It is available in ebook and print format.