What You Should Know About Texas Hold'em Software Compatibility

When selecting a Texas Hold'em site, it is crucial to verify whether the poker room can be accessed on your computer. Software of online poker rooms comes in two versions - downloadable and no download. Some players opt for getting the software installed on their systems as it has better graphics and more functionality. However, there are a large number of players who prefer the no-download version, which provides instant access to the poker room when connected to the internet.

Features of Downloadable Version

For downloadable software you have to install the software client on your systems. On doing so, you get access to the products and services that a poker room has to offer. The downloadable version does not require browser support to establish contact with the software provider. A reason why the downloaded software is preferred by many is this version runs much faster compared to instant play. Games and graphics programs can be loaded without the internet.

Downloading poker software is quite simple. All you have to do is visit the Texas Hold'em site that interests you and click on the download button. On doing so, the download process begins. Once the download process is completed, install the software on your system. Most online poker rooms allow the software to be downloaded for free.

Features of Instant Play Version

The instant play version of poker software doesn't require you to go through the hassles of downloading it. You can access your favorite games directly through the browser. Games are generally offered through Macromedia Flash, Java or Macromedia Shockwave. To play games directly through the web, the internet connection should be of high quality. Also, good bandwidth is required to play games through the browser, as game graphics and animation features are loaded through the web.

The no download version offers several advantages over the downloaded software. The downloadable software takes a lot of your system's space. In case you access the instant play version, you don't have to worry about system space getting used for game files. The no download version is also preferred by Mac and Linux users as in most cases, the downloadable software is not compatible with the operating systems on both.

Online Poker Rooms Compatible with Windows

The Microsoft product has become a standard in the industry especially after the introduction of Windows 95. Most online poker companies develop software compatible with Windows. So, Windows users have a wide variety of options for the Texas Hold'em sites they want to play at. Windows users also have the option of playing on the downloadable as well as the no download version of a poker lobby.

Online Poker Rooms Compatible with Mac

Mac is a much safer device compared to a PC as it is protected against viruses and spyware. The display in Mac devices is ideal for gaming. However, Mac users had very few options to play poker before. Only a limited number of poker rooms could be accessed through a browser using Java or Flash plug-ins. Now, many Texas Hold'em sites make games available to Mac users. The instant play version is compatible with Mac systems. Some sites allow Mac users to download the software as well.

Online Poker Rooms Compatible with Linux

Linux is an operating system used as an alternative to Mac and Windows OS. A large number of poker enthusiasts prefer Linux to other OS. The key reason behind this is that Linux comes with great personalization and security features. Games exclusively for Linux systems are not offered by online poker rooms. However, games can be assessed through some provisions in Linux systems.

The instant play version of a lobby can be accessed by Linux users. Gamers can also play poker on Linux systems through an application called WINE. It is a kind of compatibility foundation which provides systems with the capabilities required for running Windows applications. As WINE can be downloaded for free, it is becoming increasingly popular among Linux users.