Softest Poker Sites

There's a variety of reasons a poker site can have particularly soft play. Often large casino style sites that offer casino games, sports betting, bingo, and more on top of their poker tables find softer play. This is because they attract a wide variety of players who do not specialize in poker play. Players often will visit other sections of large casino site in down times, or even just out of curiosity or looking for a change of pace. This means that a greater percentage of the players on that site are less skilled.

What makes a Poker Site Soft

A soft poker site may not be packed full of “fish” or brand new players, but when a poker table is referred to as soft that means that the play is notably easier. Finding the softest tables can be easy if you know where to look at any poker site. Soft play is far more common in the lower stake levels, as well as in free rolls and low stake tournaments. This is because these are popular and affordable options for players who do not feel as confident or may be playing on a budget.

'Soft' tables often are found at micro to low stake tables as well as freerolls and low buy in tournaments. These can be found at just about every poker room online. Some poker rooms are known for their soft tables, though players can often expect to find a greater amount of soft play at the larger casinos as players will come over from the sportsbetting, casino, and bingo rooms to try their hands at some online poker. These players quite often have a larger bankroll but less skill to accompany it.

What's the Benefit of Choosing a Soft Site

There are plenty of highly skilled poker players who make very good money playing poker at the most elite levels. These professionals, or sharks, as they're called are what makes the poker rooms known world wide. Just about every poker player new to experienced would love to be able to emulate these world famous players, or even try their luck against them.

Soft poker sites often have a very wide selection of low cost and free games to play. And when these unskilled or loose players try the higher level tables they often find themselves outmatched. It can be a great place for players to build up their poker skills without being intimidating. There's nothing that can be more frustrating to a brand new player than to find themselves out matched and just bleeding chips. Soft tables are very popular- both with new players who need a lower level of play to build their skills, and for grinders looking for easier play to build up their bankroll. Soft poker sites are a great place to win money- especially if you're a patient and skilled player.

List of Reputable Soft Poker Sites

A soft poker site doesn't mean players have to give up good competition or enjoy a fun and reputable site, however. There's a few poker sites that are well known for soft and easy play. This doesn't mean that the competition in these rooms is lacking, however.

Party Poker – This heavily advertised poker site is very popular with new and inexperienced players. They offer a very wide variety of low cost tables and tournaments, as well as free rolls, all of which encourage loose and soft play. They even market themselves as a great way to learn to play poker, not only drawing in new and inexperienced players, but more seasoned veterans looking to make good money at easy tables.

888 Poker – A part of the 888 brand which offers a wide variety of casino and gaming options, it's no surprise that their tables are soft and loose. They bring in a wide variety of players from those looking for the excellent offering of poker cash games, tournaments and free rolls but also players looking for a change of scenery from the Casino, Sports betting and Bingo rooms.

Bet365 – This is another large casino website whose wide offering of gambling options means that players can always find soft tables. This is thanks in large part to players using all the different sections of the website. The single wallet allows players to take a break from bingo, or even pass time until their sports game comes on. However, just like 888 Poker, players should not assume that just because they are at a large casino site that the competition is lacking- especially at the higher stake levels. The tables are soft and there are tons of fish, but playing foolishly will cost you your bankroll to all the other skilled poker players looking to make a profit.