Poker Films

If you have become something of a poker fanatic then we have several additional ways in which you can enjoy the world of online poker without actually sitting down to play. This can be a great way to indulge that is gentler on your wallet. After having a good look through our listing of the best poker films below, you can then also take a look at our list of Texas Holdem Poker Books. This is another way to indulge your love of poker while enjoying books which are all well worth reading.

Poker Generation

This poker film was released very recently in 2012. It is one of the most interesting poker films available today, and it features a fantastic cast of actors who really go above and beyond in regards to their acting abilities. If you're looking for a relaxing night in with a good film then this is a great option for you. You will have the opportunity to enjoy some excellent performances by a couple of the leading actors and actresses. The most notable being Naomi Assenza and Salvatore Barone.

Regalo di Natale

While this may not be one of the most well known or most watched poker films, this foreign language film is well worth the effort of watching with subtitles. It can even be found in an English dubbed version for those who find subtitles frustrating. This was filmed back in 1986, so you may not find it available to rent or stream. This is a great story, and well worth the effort to track track down when you have some free time and want a great story.

Christmas Rematch

Another must watch film is Christmas Rematch. This relatively unknown film was directed by the often underrated Pupi Avati. It stars Diego Abatantuono, Gianni Cavina, and George Eastman. The story line will have you hooked from the opening scene. You'll be drawn into the exciting story and the ending won't leave you unfulfilled. Yet another great poker story to round out your film collection.


Richard Donner directed this excellent film which was released in 1994. It has stood the test of time well and is still widely known as a great poker movie. This is just as much because of the great storyline and fantastic directing as it is because of some excellent acting by big named stars such as Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner, and the brilliant Graham Greene. It is a very compelling film, and definitely one even the most discerning poker players and film buffs will enjoy.


Another film which was released in the late 1990's. John Dahal directed this film in 1998. It was a hit the moment it went to the big screen, and is well worth watching. It's an enjoyable story even if poker isn't your thing. There's action from the moment the film starts, and thanks to some outstanding acting by Matt Damon and John Turturro. This movie makes for a very pleasant evenings viewing.

Poker Film Sites

With video rental stores closing down worldwide, movie lovers may pause at first wondering where to get their hands on some of these older films. However, there are plenty of websites where you can now download or stream a huge number of films directly onto your computer. Many of these sites offer a free sign up and often as a new customer you will be able to have a month or more free of charge. This is a great way to enjoy films free of charge, and gain access to a wide variety of movies you may not have heard of before.

If you need a more ideas for additional poker themed and orientated films to watch there are a few different film database websites where players can search for film ideas. One of these examples is the IMDB website. Any movie database should allow players to search for film type. After you've watched the films on our list and want more, there's a wide selection of other poker movies out there just waiting for poker fans to enjoy.

Many film database sites from IMDB to Rotten Tomatoes also offer reviews and information on films. This can be useful to players who don't want to blindly watch films that haven't already come recommended like the ones on our list.