Party Poker FastForward Review

Party Poker has launched a brand new game. It's called FastForward and it's a turbocharged fast pace game that is similar to the Zoom Poker from PokerStars or the Rush Poker from the Full Tilt Poker. This new game allows players to play hundreds of hands per hour. The magic thing is a little tweak made to the rules, to be more precise it's the Forward Fold button that takes you automatically to a new table with a new set of players and cards.

There are also multi table capabilities available for the Party Poker FastForward game. This way you can play at up to four different tables at the same time. At the beginning it's going to be quite difficult to handle just one table, but when you get more familiar things will turn out just fine, especially if you already have experience playing this high paced poker from Full Tilt or PokerStars.

How it Works?

The way the FastForward Poker works is very simple. Click the fold button and you are taken instantly to another table where you are given new cards and new opponents. This way there will be no dead moments and you can get a lot more action. Most of the time the players fold their cards until they get a good hand and this means that the percentage of time when you get some action is a lot higher compared to the normal Texas Hold'em Games.

How to Play FastForward Poker

In order to play this game you just have to open the Party Poker software and go to the FastForward tab. You can find it in the main lobby and choose the game and the stake level. Click on the take a seat button and join the game.

Party Poker FastForward Benefits and Features

Receive Cash Back - Since you'll be playing more hands per hour it's going to be easier for you to clear out the bonuses and to earn Party Points. The Party Points can bring you tons of cash back and based on the VIP loyalty level that you reach you can get up to 33% of the rake you pay into cash back.

Never get bored - Thanks to the fact that you no longer have to wait to see how a hand is going to end even after you are out of the game, this means that the boring moments of online poker are completely gone.

New rules and new strategies - While the Party Poker FastForward game has tweaked just a little bit the rules there is a quite big difference in the strategy that you have to apply. The fact that you hold little to no information about your opponents is going to change the strategy of the game a lot and you can see the fact that most of the players will adopt a tight poker strategy and only start to raise the bids when they have a strong hand.

Mobile friendly version - The Party Poker FastForward game is also available on your mobile phone. This way you have access to this fun and exciting game no matter where you are located. The mobile version is compatible fully with the Android devices, the iPhone and iPad.

Lots of players - This poker game manages to attract a good amount of crowd that makes the game very fun and exciting since every time you click on the Forward Fold button you get to see new opponents.

Low stakes - You can play the FastForward poker game with limits that start from as little as $0.02/$0.04. These low limits are perfect for the players that are not yet familiar with the game.

Party Poker FastForward Strategy

The new rules of the FastForward Poker games will mean that you have to adopt a new strategy. Just like it happens at the Zoom Poker games from PokerStars, the FastForward games is definitely the type of ring cash game where you have to adopt a tight poker strategy. This means that you should filter a little bit more the hands that are worth playing and only move on and raise the bets with premium hands. The fact that you know nothing about your opponents will change the way you look at the game, but this disadvantage is not really a disadvantage since your opponents will have to deal with the exact same lack of information about you.

Overall the FastForward is a great game and you should try it out in case you are a Party Poker player. The Zoom Poker managed to generate a big buzz around PokerStars and raise the number of cash games played by up to 50%. The FastForward only raised the traffic by 3 - 10% according to PokerScout that monitors this.