How to Choose Your Poker Chips Set

It's important to learn about chips and as with any other item that you might be looking towards buying on the market, poker chips set definite counts among all the other ranges of such sets available on the consumer market. This is why it is very important to look for the details that differentiate one set from another. In this way you would be able to choose something better that suits the best your own personal poker playing needs. It is however a matter that relates mostly to your personal style, but even so there are some general aspects you should consider before purchasing.

You can go for selecting the specific poker chips set in accordance to the label, price, and quality, but in the end it all should go down to what you are really comfortable with when doing the selection. Lacking the information can be sometimes crucial when needing to select a particular item. Such cases require more research as this one can turn into a great tool that helps you find the specific product. Many sources are available out there to provide the right information, therefore you just need to reach to them and take advantage of their service.

Look for the Numbers - What you need to know first and foremost is not necessarily related to mathematical formulas, but rather to know the number of players who are supposed to play at the poker table and how many of these chips would be used by these players during certain circumstances. Some of the most popular options would go for a choice of 300 chips as well as 500 chips. They can be easily found on the market and apart from these ones, there are also sets of 200, 400, 750 and 1000 poker chips.

In order for you to make the right decision you should consider a number of players to reach to a viable solution upon purchasing. For instance, consider that for a number of 3 to 4 poker players you should buy a set of 300 chips, for 4 to 6 players you should buy 400 to 500 chips in a set, for 8 and more poker players buy a set of 1000 poker chips. Considering that a number of 35 chips can be enough for each player, you could as well reach for a maximum of 50 chips to make sure these chips won't be missed if such a situation would require.

The following tips are presented as useful aspects to consider before purchasing the poker chips set that is suitable to your poker playing needs:

Consider the Cost - Always the cost would be in close relation to quality of the product presented with the set. Therefore the higher quality is, the higher will be the price. This goes valid with any other product that you find on the market so it stands valid as well for the set of poker chips.

What you need to know is that through poker chip set buying, you will find very often extras that come with the set. There are also cases to present these chips with, they are made of aluminum, displaying a deck of cards or two, dice and sometimes a dealer button.

For instance, a 300 chip set in dual color weighing 11.5 grams per each chip the cost can be of around $80 per set. But the cost could be more or less, depending of course on the style. The best way with this shopping would be to compare prices and pieces presented within the set.

Look for the Types - This feature is determined by the materials used to make the chips. Three popular materials are available with these chips: clay, composite and plastic. Those made of clay are very luxurious and they are not completely made of clay but also combining clay with other materials. The diameter is similar to that of those chips used at casino tables: 39 mm. The weight ranges from 8 to 11.5 grams.

The composite type uses metal insert while surrounded by plastic. They have the same weight as the ones made of clay and are very durable. The plastic made poker chips do not have too much to offer, but they are always a good option for those with a small budget.

Checking for Quality - This can be done as a test of checking the label, try to scratch them off with the fingernail looking whether or not the design is centered. For the chips that are hot-stamped, you should check whether the text wears off by rubbing two chips against one another.

Check for the edges since some of them have round edges while others square and sharp. Stacking the chips you should have no problem to have them properly stacked in rows of 15 pieces. The plastic chips will have the tendency of sliding on one side a little, while those made of clay stand nice in the row.

The last test to run in respect to quality and durability, you should scratch the surface of the chip with your fingernail or use even a knife. If the surface gets marked easily, then you should consider that these types of chips won't last too long in the future. This is the difference shown between a short-living chip and a durable one.