Depositing and Withdrawing Money from Texas Hold'em Sites

If you want to play Texas Hold'em online, you should have adequate funds in your online poker account. You can start by creating an account with the online poker room that you want to play at. Then, select a payment option that is suitable for your requirement. Most online poker rooms provide a host of options. Here are a few:

Account transfer

This is one of the most secure options for depositing your money to your online poker account. By using account transfers from your bank, you can manage your bankroll by controlling the money. If you are planning on using this payment option, try to create a bank account that will be specifically meant for this purpose. Avoid using the money in your savings account for playing Texas Hold'em online. Set a limit on the amount of money you transfer to your online poker account.

Credit card

Credit cards are one of the easiest options for adding money to your online poker account as the process is both, fast and convenient. Make sure that you are aware of your credit limit and are able to conform to it. Also, ensure that the Texas Hold'em poker room offers this mode of payment. MasterCard and Visa are two of the most widely accepted credit cards.

Debit card

Most of the Texas Hold'em online poker rooms offer this mode of payment as it is very secure. With a debit card, you can only use the funds that are available in your bank account. This means that unlike credit cards, you will not be in danger of playing for more money than what you have. The security offered by this mode of payment is much better than that by credit cards. When you use a debit card to deposit money, a PIN number must be entered to authenticate your identity. Unless the correct PIN number is entered, the transaction will not take place.

Although most of the online poker rooms have this option of payment, the duration required for the completion of the transaction will vary on different sites. Such details can be found on the banking page of the online gaming website. Today, you can also use debit cards that are pre-paid and have a fixed value. Re-loadable and one-time debit cards are the two types of pre-paid cards that are available.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer involves transferring funds from one account to another through an electronic method. This is an extremely fast mode of payment. If you want to carry out a wire transfer, you will first have to contact the bank with which you have your account. Ask them to make a wire transfer to your account at the Texas Hold'em website. You must stipulate the amount that has to be transferred as well as the IBAN and BIC codes of the poker website. Your bank will use these codes to authenticate the identity of the poker room. The completion of the wire transfer may vary from a few days to a few hours. This largely depends on your bank. A nominal amount will be charged by your bank for this wire transfer service.


E-wallets are useful modes for making payments on poker websites. To make a transaction from your e-wallet, you will have to connect your e-wallet account to your bank account. Each time you use this service, you will have to authenticate your details such as address, phone number and e-mail ID. One of the best reasons to use an e-wallet is that it will store your payment history which means that you will have a record of the funds that you have transferred to your account at the Texas Hold'em website.

Withdrawing Money

You can withdraw your earnings at poker websites through the options offered by them. You can use a wire transfer, debit card or your e-wallet to transfer the money to your bank account. This transaction will take a few days. Choosing wire transfers to withdraw money will take some time as the money has to reach your bank account for you to withdraw it. When you need money immediately, the best option is to transfer funds using your e-wallet account.

These are some of the methods used to deposit and withdraw money at Texas Hold'em poker rooms. Ensure that your payment option is secure and that you always choose a licensed poker website as it will offer legitimate and safe transactions which will enhance your experience of playing poker.