Best Starting Hands

The sheer number of potential starting hands you can be dealt when playing poker such as Texas Hold'em Poker is quite impressive. Some of these hands are obviously much better than others. As this initial two card hand you are dealt is generally going to be the deciding factor of whether you fold that hand or not we have compiled a list below of the best starting hands you can be dealt.

Being familiar with this list and and using the information wisely, especially as a new or inexperienced player. Keeping in mind the information here will help you in your play, and give you a good idea of about the strength of your starting hand, or if you should consider just folding. What makes these hands the best is not just whether or not they are strong on their own, but what sort of opportunities they present when it comes to building the best hand with the unknown community cards. Pairs are of course, always a great start, but there's more to winning Texas Hold Em than just your hole cards.

The Best Starting Poker Hand

The best pocket pair, or initial two card face down hand that you can be dealt when playing Texas Hold Em Poker is the Ace - Ace hand. This hand has various nick names including Pocket Rockets and American Airlines, to name just a couple. This initial starting hand will beat the majority of other hands at the latter stages of the game.

Second Best Starting Poker Hand

It is the King - King hand that holds the honor of being the second best two card hand you can be dealt when playing Texas Hold Em. This pocket pair is commonly referred to as the Cowboys. This is definitely two hole cards you hope to see when you sit down to play poker.

Third Best Starting Poker Hand

Given that the best and second best hole cards are pocket aces and pocket kings, it should come as no surprise to learn the third best starting hand you can be dealt when playing Texas Hold'em poker is the next highest face card. If your pocket pair is two Queens, you will stand a very good chance of winning the game as you are already headed off to a great start.

Fourth Best Starting Poker Hand

The next highest rated poker hand you can be dealt as your pocket cards is the Ace-King hand. While these cards are of course better off when they're suited, Ace-King is still a formidable pocket pair even when unsuited. unsuited paid of these cards, it will stand you in good stead once the games gets underway.

Fifth Best Starting Poker Hand

Continuing on our list, the fifth best poker hand you can be dealt when playing Texas Hold'em is who Jacks. The Jack-Jack hand definitely improves your odds of winning the pot. However, the lower down on this list players go it's wise to remember that while you are holding some of the best possible cards they are in no way unbeatable. It is not impossible to lose the pot while holding a better ranked hole cards- especially if your opponent holds better cards!

Sixth Best Starting Poker Hand

If you can only have one Ace in your pocket pair, then the best you can hope for is an Ace-Queen pair. Much like the Ace King hand you will be getting slightly increased odds of winning when the cards are suited, but even an unsuited set of these cards offers you a really great chance of winning. However never forget that when playing Texas Hold'em Poker anything can and does happen.

Seventh Best Starting Poker Hand

While it may only be the seventh best starting ham, getting dealt a King - Queen opening hand is nothing to scoff at. While it is still at the lower end of the top ranked hands, it still offers players quite a lot of opportunity to build a solidly ranked hand. While you shouldn't count on this being the best hand at the table, this is always a good reliable hand that you should think twice before folding away.

Eight Best Starting Poker Hand

The next best ranked hand, and the final hand on our list that you can be dealt is the Ace – Jack. While this is another single Ace hand, and it is beatable, it doesn't make this hand useless. There are quite a number of "outs" making this still one of the highest ranked pocket cards that you can be dealt. Players should certainly think twice before folding away this hand as the it offers a surprising number of opportunities.